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A strategy doesn’t show what we are going to do, but how we are going to do it. In Concept Group we offer you the development of a digital strategy while taking advantage of the latest benefits of digital platforms.

Our main objective with this service is to transform and improve your popularity, in correlation with your goals and necessities, and thus obtaining potential life long clients that will support your brand.


Our focus is on an all-round innovative marketing strategy that balances different campaigns and techniques to align to your commercial and marketing objectives and exploit them. Also, we highlight the fact that all of our plans are created by professionals, resulting in 100% unique, new, modern and different strategies from those that already exist, reason why we guarantee the success of this service. Every recommendation we offer is based on a process where we study your industry and your company to identify the opportunities and decisions to take in order to reach your goals. For this first stage, we basically make an overall analysis on your brand and its behaviour in your  particular community: we analyze your product, service, industry and competitors, the behaviour of your targets, and previous strategies, reports, and actions. With all this insight on your company, we know exactly what you need, and because of this we will come up with the crafting of an ideal custom-made strategic plan.


Then, we set our objectives, hand in hand to yours; our Consumer Journey, your target and how it is going to be met. We also discover your insights, and we choose the tools we are going to customize just for your specific case.


After this, we activate all of our processes with tools like moderation and channel administration guides, advising on content production, definition of your brand’s tone, and how and where to publish your contents.


Once all of this is running, we concentrate on amplifying all of our technique’s reach by planning the social and digital media patterns, arranging Retargeting, and segmentation.


Lastly, we measure the results of our strategical service with KIPs definitions, report template generations, periodicity definitions, and tools to keep utilizing for success.


If you are interested in getting known globally and increasing your reach and influence, don’t doubt contacting us for this service. We will focus on creating a strategy plan that fits exactly your needs and will surely result in reaching your digital goals.