WordPress vs Wix: which one is better 2019?

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WordPress Vs. Wix: The Battle Of The Ws  

Wix and WordPress; some of the best platforms to develop websites anywhere. Of course, you probably heard more about WordPress, as it is a very widely used tool throughout the world; they have developed 58,55% of all of the websites of the world, nevertheless, there are other platforms that also offer website creation services. In this article, we will present a discussion about Wix, another website creator,  along with a comparison against the great big WordPress. When you finish reading this article, we are sure you will be certain on which to choose between WordPress or Wix.


WordPress Vs. Wix: Let’s Summarize

Before getting into more detail, we are going to analyze the main principles and basis of each software; they are both easily classified as an equilibrium of two main requirements they handle well:


  • Simplicity and accessibility- meaning that it is not hard to develop a functional and beautiful website for people with little experience or none at all.
  • Flexibility and personalization- meaning that it is simple to make a website that works exactly how you wish it does.


Wix has focused on the flexibility aspect in order to offer an easy experience for people that are not seasoned with technology or website development. On the other hand, WordPress targets the simplicity facet to offer a 100% personalizable website for its users.

Besides from these fundamental differences, we will analyze some of the others so you are aware of everything about each one when choosing between the two of them.


You Want Easiness? Wix Is Better Than WordPress Here

If easiness and simplicity are a necessity for you, go for Wix my friend. Nevertheless, you need to always know that it will lack flexibility when the website is done, but still, it is the easiest solution to create a functional and beautiful website in no time and without headaches.


Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is simple too, it can just get a tad more difficult and may demand more work from you than Wix.

Taking into account making a website in Wix is easier, we will show you how to create a page in 4 simple steps: First, sign in. Then, choose which type your store is:

As an example, let’s pick the Restaurants & Food category.

After you choose the best template, and it should be one that best fits your requirements and company, the page will redirect you to Wix Editor, where it will let you modify texts, pictures, change things up, etc. You got the power and full control:

Once this is done, click on “Publish”, and voilá! Your site will be activated instantly. All there is to do now is enjoy it and see its success!


You might notice that the whole setup stage is simple and thus perfect for newbies. Of course, things will be different if don’t like any template that Wix offers and you wish to personalize anything for the site, in this case the process might get harder.


Where do we leave WordPress?

As we mentioned before, WordPress requires some more steps before you can actually get started and create your website; it’s not just signing up like with Wix.


This is what I mean: it is necessary that you get your own web hosting and name of your domain before you begin customizing the page. This isn’t difficult, it will just take you a couple of minutes tops, so no big deal.


When this is ready, install  WordPress on the device you will use. Then, proceed by choosing a “topic”, which will be the design of your site:

At this point, you will see some free or paid templates, and same as with Wix, some “demo” content is included, which works just as an already existing template that can be edited on instead of building it from scratch, which will make everything far simpler.


WordPress Is Better Than Wix Here

Alright: Wix won as the easiest one, but WordPress definitely wins when we are talking about flexibility, functionality, and personalization of your future site.


Why not Wix Over WordPress?

We will now proceed to explain why Wix is not the winner of the battle. First of all, it is not easy to add  functionality features to sites created in Wix. The only way to do it is through the Wix App Market, and let me tell you a little secret: it is basically worthless against the thousands of options WordPress has for you.

Yes, it is true, Wix  will let you add on some personalization and such to your site, but it will still be very poor in comparison to the big WordPress market and all of the things that can be done from there. If we talk about numbers, today, the Wix App Market offers 228 apps, which is incredibly low against the thousands WordPress has on its repertoire.


Looking past that, there will be a lot of limits once you edit your code via Wix; it exclusively works with a certain kind of sandboxed iFrame which is very restricted, so it can be hindering.


WordPress to Wix: Which Has No Limits?

Your website will have more flexibility if it is created with WordPress in both areas, so it’s the winner at this point.


Let’s begin talking about plugins. They will allow adding new functionalities or adjusting already existing ones even though you might not have knowledge about coding and a deep understanding about developing, a reason why it is perfect for newbies. WordPress offers over 53.000 free complements to you, meaning that there are basically no limits when creating your website.


Suppose you want to add social media functions to your page. For this, you can use the social media plugins they offer. Of course, you will be able to do this with any functionality you ever want; see? I said no limits.


WordPress Vs Wix: Who Will Have The Control Of Your Data In Each?

Many doubt if they will have the capability to download copies of their content and move it to another website generator. Here is your answer:


Regarding the ownership of the data, WordPress is the clear winner. There is basically no competition here, and don’t even try to change my mind on it.


What About Continuous Maintenance in WordPress and Wix?

Wix’s is a closed ecosystem meaning it has the great advantage of being responsible for maintenance itself. You pretty much chill, relax, and it does everything for itself.


Contrary to this, if you are using WordPress, you are responsible for the maintenance of your site. Should you wish to cut back on your responsibilities, you can find a host managed by WordPress that specializes in maintenance, but this can get annoying and takes time.


What About The Data in WordPress and Wix?

Having all the control of the data from your site when you are creating your website at any time should be a must for you. Good news: WordPress offers you exactly this: full control of your data. Yes, you can do anything you want with it whenever you wish to with 100% of your website’s data as there are no external influences over it.


As we said: there is no competition here.


WordPress Vs. Wix: Let’s Talk About Money

Wix has monthly subscription plans with exact pricing.  As we mentioned, WordPress has a different criteria when it comes to payment for their services. One thing that is important to notice: there is no cheaper option.


Don’t misunderstand me, WordPress sites tend to cost less in the long term of use.


Wix Prices

Wix has 2 types of plans which depend on the property of an eCommerce Store or not. Here they are for you:


WordPress vs wix - wix price

Price of regular Wix eCommerce websites:

They also offer a free plan, but in it, you can’t use your own domains and they will broadcast ads on your page. Very limited, annoying, and just not good enough.


WordPress Fixed Costs

These are the two WordPress offers:


To host –  Affordable shared hosting that can cost at least $ 50 a year.

Domain name –  $10 a year.


Some additional costs appear if you use some premium plugins or themes. No worries, these are optional but trust me: you will want to get them because they are key when looking to improve the functionality, design, and support of your website altogether, making it so much better and more comfortable for users.


Wix Vs. WordPress: Which Should I Choose Then?

If your interests are just to make a website and not having all the data in your hands and not being able to fully customize isn’t an issue for you, you should probably choose Wix. If you do decide on Wix, you must remember that adding flexibility along the road will be extremely difficult since hard to migrate the website anywhere else.


On the other side, for the majority of website users and developers, WordPress is better than Wix;


Yes, it might not be 100% friendly for beginners, but it is way easier to understand once you get the hang of it. Also,  WordPress has a very friendly community, which will make everything way easier for you.


  • As we already said, there are a lot more opportunities regarding the functionality of the website thanks to the massive amount of plugins they have on their market.
  • The data will always be in your hands.


Now everything depends on your goals and capacities- weight out your options, the pros and cons, set your goals and requirements, what you wish to obtain from the website, and choose depending on what the platform offers you. Good luck on your website making!