Why Choose WordPress Over Joomla?

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WordPress Vs. Joomla,

Joomla, a battle of the CMS platforms. Yes, we have already given a spoiler; WordPress is the winner, but you need to know the reasons why, don’t you? That is why we bring you all the reasons to choose WordPress Over Joomla. Stay tuned!


First of all, WordPress and Joomla are two programs used to create web pages, and we could say they are the “base” of the design of millions of sites in the world. They have huge communities of both users and developers, reason why it can be hard for you to choose without having a bit of insight about them. If we talk about numbers, 90% of users prefer WordPress over Joomla, which is a huge difference, so let’s get to the actual reasons: 90% Because…


Alright, 90% is a big number when it comes to the preference of something over another. Thus, the advantages WordPress has to provide over Joomla has to be significant. Now, we will lay out all of the reasons why WordPress beats Joomla’s butt:


  • Simplicity. Come on, when does simplicity not win? WordPress is conceptually super easy to learn and use. Literally, anyone can use it regardless of their knowledge on web development. Easy means fast, and since time costs money, we all look to save some bucks there.


  • Safety. Of course, total safety doesn’t exist on the internet. Nonetheless, WordPress’ programming bases are very good. The people who developed WordPress certainly didn’t forget about security when they created it. It is a hundred times harder to hack a website created with WordPress than one created with Joomla. Nobody wants someone to hack their page, so it’s a no brainer at this point.


  • Plugins. You will have unlimited plugins for every project you wish to develop. Generally speaking, you will need plugins to create something wonderful. WordPress has almost 35.000 plugins that can basically do whatever you want. You can see them here:


  • Migration. Migration between different versions is way easier with WordPress. We could even dare to say that it is almost automatic; you will just have to click on the administrator, and your WordPress will be running on its latest version.


  • SEO. WordPress has a better SEO interpretation. If Google understands your page correctly, it will display it well, and you will get more visits to your website.


  • Installation. Even children can install WordPress, plugins, and themes. It is so easy.


  • Issues. People who use WordPress have way less issues than the ones that use Joomla when it comes to their website development or use.


What about the other 10%?



Let’s not forget about the 10% of people that actually prefer using Joomla when it comes to website development. They are certainly not crazy, as Joomla has some benefits too. It just depends on the person that is using it and their goals. Here we go with its pros and cons:


  • Experience. Joomla is for experienced webmasters because it is way harder to use than WordPress.


  • Security. Joomla’s older versions probably have millions of security issues. No, thank you. It also requires huge attention to security due to being the most hacked web system. Hackers love to find Joomla websites and intrude in them. If you do choose Joomla you have to prioritize this or you will see how your site dies.


  • Difficulty. Not many can start on the latest version of Joomla because it is very difficult to use. If you are not an expert, you will have to begin with older versions of the program.


  • Administration. It is very complex. A reason why, again, it requires an experienced webmaster. Nonetheless, this difficulty opens some different development roads that WordPress may not offer.


Do You Get It Now?

I think you might see why 90% of users choose WordPress rather than Joomla; come on, the reasons are obvious and they are also numerous. In summary; if you are not experienced, but still want a safe, functional and amazing website: Go for WordPress. If you are an experienced webmaster, and you don’t mind the threat of someone hacking your page and possibly having a difficult time when developing your page: Go for Joomla. It is all in your hands now but we seriously doubt you won’t go for WordPress after this.