Responsible for a Publicity Budget? 5 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money

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Let’s say you work for a company and you are the one responsible for it’s publicity budget. It can be hard to decide on how to spend that money since there are so much ways to do so, but not all of them will provide a substantial return. That’s why we present you with 5 top notch ways to spend a publicity budget.


1. On itself

According to The New York Times, companies spend 10% of their budget on actually planning and outlining itself and the marketing expenses for the year. Organization and planning is the key to leading a successful publicity budget, so start working on that, or better said, spending on that.


2. Content Marketing

Today, content marketing is one of the most powerful areas in marketing; it sure as hell should be a tool in your publicitary arsenal. It’s also known that content marketing produces a strong ROI for a much lower cost that traditional marketing methods. Statistics say that content marketing is 62% cheaper than outbound marketing, but still generates 3 times more ROI.

In content marketing, contents from one platform are perfectly suitable for others and vice versa: you’re killing many birds with one stone.


3. Growth Sales

Growth Sales or Sales Hacking is applying techniques of Growth Sales to the direct sale. It’s usually the best strategy for new companies that need to grow cheap and fast. Check it out, it’s incredibly successful.


4. Social media

Social media is pretty much the answer to everything nowadays. You should be spending big money on it. Increase your reach on social media by sponsors or boosting your posts and see the results by yourself. You’ll almost immediately get more people to know about your product or service. Amazing, right?


5. SEM

SEM is one amazing tool to spend your publicity budget on. When you search on google, and find sponsored results on top of the organic ones, well, that’s all cause of SEM. Through this, your products can be introduced to a bigger amount of people faster. Also, it allows you to compete face to face with other brands. Another plus, you only pay for the amount of times people actually click on it, not the times it’s displayed. Who wouldn’t want this? Start investing in SEM.


6. SEO

SEO, the brother of SEM, is also a top notch way to spend your money on. SEO is responsible for displaying the order of the result of searches in searching engines like google. In the US, 134 million people use searching engines, and 63% of these people click only in the first result.It doesn’t actually cost money, but people with knowledge in SEO are a must, and that does cost .


It’s hard to manage and decide what to spend money on, even more when it comes to a company’s money. If you are in charge of that and found yourself kinda lost in it, i’m so glad you found this article. Now that I gave you the best ways to spend that publicity budget, I assure you that your marketing strategies will become more successful. If you liked this article please remember to share it, and comment any thoughts or doubts down below.