WordPress Vs Shopify – Who wins this battle?

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Who wins WordPress or Shopify?

Nowadays, e-commerce has positioned itself as an incredibly effective method for making stores surge and obtaining earnings through this. Basically, companies that lack online stores are not even acknowledged by the public most of the time. Also, having a blog for your web store has proven to be  effective when it comes to the promotion of products and services offered by your company. If taking your company to the top is your goal, don’t even doubt on getting started with this amazing tool.

We must compare between the different software systems and content developers for web stores that both Shopify and WordPress offer. It might become hard to choose which one to use but we will give the information you will need to know before making a decision on which one is the best for you:


Let’s take a look at WordPress

WordPress is extremely easy and useful when it comes to e-commerce.  Here, we will talk about Self- Hosted WordPress, which is the open- source part of this software.  It is 100% reliable for both buyers and sellers to conduct their transactions safely and efficiently, so it’s a great option for the development of your e-commerce website. Another thing to take into account is that as of today, WordPress is the preferred blog platform by Internet users and thus ensures you a great reach. It can’t get better than this.  


What makes WordPress ideal for you?

As we already said, WordPress has an open source coding that allows a website to be 100% flexible, personalized, and customized to any extent you want to take it to. Yes, you will be able to basically create any kind of web store with any design and any functionality you want. It also offers hundreds of plugins that will make your website the most unique and the best out there.

An Insight On WordPress’ Plugins

Among the variety of plugins that WordPress has developed and are offered to you, there is Woocommerce. This plugin is free and a feasible option if you are setting up your own webstore. They will even allow you to program your site to send shipments all over the world and a good plus is that they offer many payment options, from Paypal to bank transfers and many more features that will make online shopping much easier for your customers.

Your plugins will offer you the best experience possible to your users and they give you the opportunity to receive their feedback on your products and services. Thanks to this, you will know what your audience wants and how to make them prefer you by feeding their needs, making the user experience more pleasant.


Data & WordPress

Through WordPress, you will have the best opportunity to integrate data with total simplicity, because the platform’s optimal database will save the information your website’s fanbase information.


The Money Talk

Many think that WordPress has no cost, but that is wrong. Yes, the platform is actually free but it offers many add ons that do cost and you will need to purchase in order to create the best webstore, and these might be some of them:


  • Themes
  • Hosting
  • Plugins
  • E-commerce integration


It is actually impossible to estimate the price of a WordPress e-commerce platform, it will come down to the needs and goals of your business, the requirements you have, and how much you are willing to spend on it.


What about Shopify?


Shopify was specially designed to create online stores where businesses can sell their products and services.


What makes Shopify good?

Among the various stages offered by Shopify, you can find the best one is how manageable it is. Users can browse your site in a simple and efficient way, which guarantees an experience that will leave them completely satisfied. It is a very convenient and easy-to-use platform for store owners, which will make everything easier for you; their aim is to be useful for everyone without the users needing to have any experience in development or coding at all.


Shopify & Designs

In Shopify, you can choose from 100 types of templates to create your site, give the best appearance to your web store, use images and photos and modify the appearance of your site if you know the programming and web design. Another important factor is that this design will be 100% adaptable to any device.

Is it safe for users?

You can be sure that it is a completely reliable platform when it comes to carrying out transactions. The data of any card or account is fully protected and users are in complete peace of mind.


Let’s talk about money

Shopify has five plans for its users:

  • Lite: $9 a month.
  • Basic: $29 a month.
  • Shopify: $79 a month.
  • Advanced: $299 a month.
  • Plus:  $2000 a month.


Let me talk about them:

  • The Lite subscription only allows setting a Shopify “ buy button” on an old site, or through Facebook. Basically, it is not a real store.
  • You will acquire phone support if you buy the 29+ plans.
  • As monthly plans increase, fees decrease.
  • We recommend Shopify Plus for large organizations that need more work.


You can learn more about each plan and their exact characteristics on

After all of this, which one should you choose?

I know we have said positive things about both platforms but there can only be only one winner, and for us it is definitely WordPress. Why?


Well, one of the principal reasons to  prefer WordPress over Shopify is the many more templates to develop your sites the first one offers, as well as the possibility of creating it from scratch, whilst you are limited by Shopify as they only allow the use of their own templates.


We also have to mention that WordPress is way more popular, which will make your reach towards people increase, and that will translate into more sales and in turn, higher profit.


We hope you get the best experience with your chosen platform and end up creating the best webstore for your company thanks to our advice.