Digital Marketing: Do Not Ignore This 5 Trends This Year

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These last few years have been of incredible technological advances which nowadays have a major influence on Digital Marketing. As we are in an exciting era in which innovation and robotization mark the path for sellers, we’ve got to think about new trends for this new year. And trust me, these are key to success in 2019. Let’s look into them!


Context marketing and native publicity.

Content marketing and native publicity will become more relevant as time passes due to technological advances that allow precise analysis. Thanks to these, it’s possible to present the right content for the right users at the right time. Remember, the difference between context marketing and concept marketing is in the degree of personalization of content that the first one requires.


According to data from the First Study of Content  HYPERLINK  Native Advertising, 83% of businesses use Native Publicity. Although it’s not particularly new, it must be heightened this 2019. Don’t be one of the few to miss out on this.


Social commerce

According to data from The Social Commerce Report made by Business Insider, 500 main distributors earned around 6.500 million dollars in 2017 because of social commerce, which  meant a raise by 24% from the year before.


Social shopping is becoming more normal now, as it has been heightened by new modalities of social ads. A quick example is Instagram  Shopping. Same happens with Pinterest and Facebook, which count with specific functions like shopping buttons and personalized markets. Also, this channel broadens opportunities for small brands and independent salers. In conclusion, we all win with this trend.


Fast content for fast users

The vigorous escalation of mobile phone use affects the way in which the user consults and consumes content nowadays. The broadness of smartphones makes us consume content almost everywhere, at any time. In a context where we link micro moments to information, fast content becomes a key strategy.


You need to retain everyday harder to captivate audience, which moves fast and eats up contents. Ephemeral content is necessary as it is quick but leaves a mark in customers. Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are the fathers of these concepts with their Stories and what not.


Programmatic Videos

According to Forbes Magazine, 80% of publicity videos in 2019 will be programmatic videos, as the mobile world and the each time bigger and better screens and faster connection make videos the center of attention for consumers.


The three main advantages of these videos are what makes them a trend this year; First, its capacity of segmentation makes inversion last. Second, the possibility for a constant communication with a hyperactive audience. And last, a more gratifying publicity experience for users which leads to a better impression of the brand. After saying this, I guess you can see how essential this trend is.


Mobile commerce

As I said before, mobile negotiation is bigger everyday. A user that is more familiar with his device is most likely to also be more familiar with mobile shopping. Soon, m-commerce will become the only reality. By saying this, you should know that in order to be a part of this movement, a mobile store is a requirement. Without a mobile store, there’s no mobile commerce, as simple as that.

As you can probably see, 2019 is the year for innovation and new trends for marketing. Don’t even think about missing out on any of them; they’ll absolutely change your game forever.